About us

Our repairs last much longer.

We are experts and exclusive distributors of the leading brands.

We have a fully implemented workshop capable to diagnose, overhaul and dynotest all Allison automatic transmissions from the Portuguese market. We are exclusive distributors of the Yanmar industrial engines and the Parker-Chelsea Power Take-Offs.

If you need a partner to keep your engines running, count with the best brands and Driveline's service.

Equipped with Allison updated diagnostic tool and special tools recommended by the factory, we can assure a precise and quick repair in our workshops or on your site.



We represent the leading brand of automatic transmissions, Allison

Allison industrial automatic transmissions are made to last and endure the most demanding uses. Their superior durability attests and reinforces the leading position of the brand. The use of Allison transmissions allows for greater fuel autonomy and maximized performance. Choosing these top-of-the-range equipment will ensure a more efficient operation by your vehicles. Along with quality, Allison takes sustainability very seriously, which is shown by its Retran program (Replace, Refurbish and Reuse). At Driveline, we have the means to perform any kind of Allison Transmission repair or conversion. Our certifications, allied with our experience, attest our capability of being this leading brands's exclusive distributor for the Portuguese market.

Exclusive distributors of Yanmar industrial applications

Japanese Yanmar engines have a range of power outputs that makes them suitable for all industrial applications. They are designed to last, operating continuously in the most demanding conditions. Yanmar is committed to research and Development as well as to keep their products up to date with innovative technologies. Environmental concerns have been leading to the development of increasingly efficient engines, with the ultimate goal being to create engines capable of exhausting fumes as clean as air.

Exclusive distributors of industrial Yanmar applications, we have a permanent stock with thousands of references that we can deliver in 24 hours.

Continuous and certified training, a quality assurance

Our team of technicians and mechanical engineers receives constant updating and continuous training. The brands we represent demand very high standards, keeping us at the leading edge of technology in order to ensure that your equipment doesn't stop.


We have a fully implemented workshop capable to diagnose, overhaul and dyno test all automatic transmissions, engines and power take-offs. Our repairs last longer.

Market leading equipments

We represent and work with the leading brands in our segment.

More efficiency

Using state of the art automatic transmissions, engines and power take-offs, our customers' industrial vehicles and equipment make their operations more efficient.

Parts and delivery capability

We have a permanent stock with a large number of references in our warehouses to ensure that the repairs performed by our certified network are as fast as possible.

On-site repairs

Our assistance vehicles have full diagnostic and testing equipment and our teams can work anywhere in mainland Portugal.

Partnership attitude

Our vast experience allows us to understand the importance of a solid partnership for the success of our customers. Our network of certified partners and workshops counts on our commitment, precision and readiness.

Workshops and Equipment

The most demanding customers rely on Driveline

Passenger and freight transport operators, fire brigades, municipal services, mines, heavy industry, defense industry. By performing repairs that last longer, we offer to each of these realities our commitment to not let the engines that keep the activity alive stop.

Leading brands

The recognition of the quality of our technicians, workshops and equipment is shown by our representations all over Portugal. The main brands rely on Driveline.

A motivated and qualified team

We are a company created by engineers that are passionate for what they do. A company with highly specialized technicians, to ensure that our projects, installations and repairs don't fail.

For demanding customers, a company of experts

Driveline enforces the maximum accuracy in all its operations. From the expertise of our technicians to the exclusivity of the brands we distribute, we leave nothing to chance.

We have fully implemented workshops capable to diagnose, overhaul and dyno test all automatic transmissions, engines and power take-offs.

Diagnostic equipment and specific instruments for each of the appliances we work with.

We are quicker because we have the best experience and equipment.

The defense industry, firefighting and municipal services' operations rely on our know-how and response capacity in the daily battles they face.

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