While replacing a manual with an automatic transmission is no easy task, Driveline still took up the challenge. Now functioning trouble-free for a year and a half, customer satisfaction is proof positive that this concept can get off the ground.
TURBO OFICINA PESADOS had a chance not only to test, in loco, the greater ease with which we can operate a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission compared to a manual gearbox, but also to understand the opinion of those who work with these vehicles on a daily basis.
António José Ferreira, 39 years old, an FCC Environment employee for 14 years, corroborates our impressions: “I don’t want anything else. As long as I can drive this one, I don’t want to drive any other.” This driver, who also operates vehicle equipped with manual gearbox, reveals that the new solution makes his work quite a bit easier, allowing for comfortable service and swifter tasks. And he concludes: “I’m  happy with the company’s choices.”

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